Success Story

Success Story – John S 

In just over two years, John has gone from the verge of homelessness to being the recipient of an undergraduate degree in Marketing Management from Baruch College this June.  As with others who achieve success while in Weston United’s Supportive Housing Program, John saw the opportunities available to him and seized the moment.  His college tuition was paid for through VESID funding and he obtained a work study position at the college’s library circulation desk.  Feeling an instant affinity with his new surroundings, he fell in love with the library setting. The dream of attaining a Bachelor’s degree now had another dimension – becoming a college librarian with a background in business.

While at Weston, John became actively involved in Meet Up groups, which offer myriad ways of expanding a participant’s social network through its wide variety of interest groups.  He currently runs a Bipolar Meet Up group, which has a total of 300 members.  He is responsible for setting up meetings for the group one to two times monthly.  It has been important for John to create a new social network because he has severed family ties where there has been a history of abuse.  Meet Up provided him the opportunity to create and choose the members of his own new family.

Upon graduation, John will put his energies toward acceptance into The New York Public Library Trainee program where he wants to pursue his career as a librarian.  Future plans include obtaining a Master’s degree in Library Science at Queens College where he has already begun the application process.

Weston United has all confidence that John will continue on a successful path in life. He is a man with big dreams and a solid record of seeing them through. John is a role model and inspiration and, clearly, he is not only a Success Story for Weston United, but for the entire community.